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A rolling steel door is an excellent option where having the maximum entry space is a major consideration. We offer a choice of service doors that can fit most standard openings that come in a wide color range and a choice of slat profiles and curtain materials. We can satisfy all of your security and aesthetic requirements in just one steel solution.

It’s not necessary to just settle for a standard overhead garage door as we also offer optional additions such as automatic push-button opening devices and motion detectors that detect an incoming vehicle or person. We can also make sure that you always have power during outages by supplying you with a battery-operated backup system.

Neighborhood Garage Door Service West Hempstead, NY 516-543-3502Neighborhood Garage Door Service will design the perfect garage door system for you. After the design stage is over, our experienced installers will arrive at your site in one of our fully-equipped service vans. These vehicles are fitted out with a full selection of tools so that your installation can be performed quickly and without a hitch. We are always aware that our good reputation depends on our clients having good experiences. Our service is 24/7 which ensures that we’re always responsive to calls from West Hempstead residents whenever they need our help. So, don’t hesitate to call to one of our friendly and helpful representatives for advice on anything related to your garage door.